LTR Tyre Lever & Patch Kit

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Ideal for both road and mountain bikers, this tyre and repair kit is compact enough for road and trail side repairs and are strong enough for workshop use. The levers feature a wide and rounded profile, making them comfortable to hold, and giving them the strength needed for both tubeless and tight fitting tyres. They clip together making them easy to store and carry, and feature a spoke hook at the other end so that they hold themselves in place when more than one of them is required. It also comes with a patch kit containing 6 self-adhesive patches, sand paper (to roughen up the surface of the tube), that are supplied in a plastic box which slots into the tyre levers.

  • 3 x rounded profile tyre levers with spoke hook.
  • 6 x self-adhesive patches, including sand paper to roughen tube surface.
  • Wide & rounded shape to help remove even the tightest tyre.
  • Lightweight & compact.
  • Levers clip together for easy storage on person or in a bike bag.

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