Whilton Mill Club Round 1

2021, Jacob Ashcroft, Karting -

Whilton Mill Club Round 1

We spent Friday and Saturday testing at PFI ready for this weekends race so we didn’t get to test at Whilton on the Saturday, nevertheless we decided to go and race to get another race day experience on the Redspeed kart.

Practice was good but only 3 laps pace was 👌

Heat 1 Started 20th finished 4th ⏱fastest lap

Heat 2 Started 12th finished 6th

Heat 3 Started 2nd finished 5th To many half moves and to much fighting 🙄

Final Started 4th but the pole man started on the wrong side so that pushed us back to 6th it also allowed the left side to get a jump as they had one less kart in front of them. When we arrived at the top of Xmas I was hit from behind and sent across the grass (that driver received a penalty for that) when I rejoined the track as was around 18th 😥 So with nothing to lose I got my head down and drove the wheels off the kart, pace was mega and by the end of the race I’d got up to 5th 👍

So a disappointing result as my pace was good enough to challenge for the win, congratulations to my good friend Joseph on taking the win 👍

We take the positives forward to this weekend for the opening round of LGM at PFI it’s a double header with racing on both the Sunday and Monday details later in the week.

Thanks to my team and teammates for a fun 3 days and let’s have a rest this week before we go again 👍



Thanks to @stustretton_media for the great pics 👌