Logan's Run: Logan Hannah competes for Laser Tool Racing at Oulton Park in the National FF1600 championship

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Logan's Run: Logan Hannah competes for Laser Tool Racing at Oulton Park in the National FF1600 championship

Oulton Park – 11th/12th September 2021

At Oulton Park on the weekend of September 11/12, for the Avon Tyres National Formula Ford Championship rounds, competing in the “Invitation” class. Running under the Laser Tools Racing banner, my new car has been built, prepared and run by Knockhill-based Graham Brunton Racing. What a weekend to look forward to!

On Saturday’s 15-minute qualifying session I suffered a big off at the exit of Island bend on my last flying lap. This left us with some short-term issues but at least I had cut another second off my time from the last time out.

Logan Hannah's Formula Ford

Race 1:

Bogged down on start, initially I struggled to make positions up from the first lap but soon got fighting in the midst of a group when my brakes began to fail! I had a long pedal and the rears were the only brakes working. So brought the car home and looked to get what was causing the brake issue fixed before Race 2 which would be on the Sunday.

Race 2:

My start again could have been better so I was playing catch up on the first few laps, but I was soon getting into my stride and was able to move up a couple of positions but then — the same mechanical issue (brakes) I had in the first race returned and also the weather was starting to take a turn. My already early braking points became even earlier, so main focus for that race was to bring the car home.

In the interval between races the team worked hard and virtually replaced most of the brake components. And it was worth it!


Logan Hannah on the grid Avon Tyres Formula Ford

Race 3:

Now, this race was a bit different to the other two — brakes had been fixed but the weather had taken a turn for the worse leaving us with a very wet track and lots of spray. Had a mega start, made up positions going into the first few corners and with the spray being as bad as it was, I was following the rain lights in front of me and trying to carry as much momentum as I could.

Gaining confidence throughout the race and due to my own overtakes (and one or two others going off due to the incredibly tricky track conditions) I had started from P18 and was delighted to finish in P7! That was an Invitational-Class and Scottish-Class win, with the fastest Invitational lap time and only a second off the car that won the race.

Overall a very tricky and mentally-challenging weekend that ended up taking a turn for the better after the wet race. My confidence in the car’s behaviour moving about in conditions like that came through, and I was able to do the job I had been wanting to do all weekend.

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