LGM Rounds 1 & 2 at PFI

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LGM Rounds 1 & 2 at PFI

Last weekend saw the first rounds of LGM at PFI kart track, Jacobs never raced at this track before and never been round it before in the wet so we knew it was going to be a hard weekend.

First time running our new race number of 42.

Jacob Ashcroft #42 at PFI Kart Track in the LGM

Testing went well and his pace was right up there we just needed it transferred to a race pace 🤞

All heats are random grids so gotta work hard to make the main A final.

Round 1 Sunday

  • Heat 1 started 15th finished 8th
  • Heat 2 started 3rd finished 6th
  • Heat 3 started 21st finished 8th

That gave him a start position for the A final of 10th out of 36 Final started 10th went out on the formation lap and the engine cut out half way round so that was that we got classified as DNS 😥😥 All that hard work for nothing due to a failure of spark plug 🤬

Round 2 Monday

  • Heat 1 started 14th finished 8th
  • Heat 2 started 2nd again plug failed and he didn’t start 🤬
  • Heat 3 started 24th finished 13th 🌧

Despite the DNS we made the main A final but starting in 26th place and it was wet very wet.

Final started 26th got a mega start and pushed hard to get a decent position battling the more experienced drivers who have done thousands of laps around here, had a great final and finished a very respectable 12th 👍👍

So in the end we went home happy with overall performance but very disappointed in the new engine issues that have arose. So many had the same issue, we went through 2 boxes of spark plugs this weekend and that doesn’t make for an enjoyable weekend.

So we dust off and go again this weekend at Kimbolton it’s only a 1 day event on the Saturday and this is a track that Jacob has never visited before so lots of laps this week on the sim and we go and do our best 🤞