Laser Tools Racing Rally Team report for the Rex Pets Flying Fortress Rally 12th June 2022

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Laser Tools Racing Rally Team report for the Rex Pets Flying Fortress Rally 12th June 2022

Sunday 12th June the Laser Tools Racing Rally Team were at Grafton Underwood for the Rex Pets Flying Fortress Stages the 3rd round of the 2022 championships. Being one of our favourite venues we were really looking forward to doing it and even though we flew back from holiday on the Saturday night we were still up for the days challenge.

The day was a hot one as it usually as on this event and with 71 entries there would be some great battles throughout the field. Stage one saw us positioned at 14th overall and 3rd in class and as ever the stages were very narrow and technical but this suited our car and we would be looking to improve on this over the next few stages.

The next two stages were good clean runs for us with no issues and we were comfortable with the pace we were at and we had now moved up to 13th overall at the dinner halt we had moved up to 13th but still 3rd in our class.

We put on fresh rear tyres for the afternoon stages as we needed to push to try and move up the leader board which paid off as we moved up to 12th and 2nd in class on stage 4. The penultimate stage was where we had a bigger push and setting the 10th quickest stage time, we were now 10th overall and closing on the class leader taking 13 seconds out of his lead on the one stage and a repeat of this on the final stage would give us the class lead and 9th overall, but this was not to be as halfway round the second loop we slid wide and hit a large tree stump and broke the track control arm and lost 2 minutes getting the car to the final control. Fortunately, we had a big enough gap to the cars behind to hold on to 10th and 2nd in class so a good result even with the lost the 2 minutes and a few battle scars on the car.

We would like to thank all the organisers who made the rally possible ant the service crew Mick Tim Kevin and Simon on refreshments all day. Also, a great job by Anthony getting the car there and through scrutineering while we were enjoying the last day of our holiday.

Thanks to our sponsor Laser Tools for the continued support in 2022 #WeAreLaserToolsRacing

See you at Twyford for the next round 🤞