Laser Tools Racing Rally Team 2020 Review

Laser Tools Racing Rally Team 2020 Review

As we all know this has been a difficult year for everyone with the Covid pandemic and we have been very lucky for the 2020 championship to keep going although with a reduced number of rounds. We started the year in March at Donington Park, and with the cold and wet conditions we finished second in class which gave us 26 points for the championship, so this was a great start to the year but all was halted until September with the onset of lockdown. During this time we did some major upgrades to the car with a new close ratio gearbox and a new ratio differential fitted to help keep the engine in the power band between gears and also improve acceleration out of the corners.

The Flying Fortress rally was the first time we got to try this new set up and although the car had improved the driver (me) was very cautious and we were not really on the pace of other cars in the class for some reason, but we still manage to get 17 points and more importantly no issues with the new components on the car. The next round was a better event for us as we had better pace in the car and even with suspension damage causing us to get an 8min penalty we still managed to score 24 points keeping us well up the championship tables going in to the last round at Donington once again. This again was a wet and cold day and we would also be doing the last stage of the rally in the dark which would be interesting!! The car once again proved to be as reliable as ever and with no issues and only one half spin through the day we came away with 19 points so it would be a nervous waiting game to see where we would finish in the championship with the drop scores needing to be calculated, and here are the final results for the Laser Tools Racing Rally Team for 2020

 Peter & Gemma Outram

Overall - Class 4 - 1st Driver Peter Outram  

Overall - Class 4 - 2nd Codriver Jemma Outram

Asphalt Cup - Class 4 Driver Pete Outram

Asphalt Cup - Class 4 Codriver Jemma Outram

2nd Lady                  Jemma Outram                 The Barry Jeffery Rose Bowl

 Peter & Gemma Outram Laser Tools Racing Rally Team

So all in all a very successful year for us and we would like to thank all the organiser, marshals, medical teams and recovery crews for giving up their spare time to keep us going through this year and once again to Laser Tools for the continued support in 2020 and we will see you all again in 2021 with hopefully more events and more normal service areas busy with more people. In the meantime have a very merry and safe Christmas and a happy new year.

Peter and Gemma in the Laser Tools Racing Rally Team Escort