Daniel Ricciardo Racing Series Round 2 at Little Rissington

Daniel Ricciardo Racing Series Round 2 at Little Rissington

Last weekend was round 2 of the @danielricciardoseries at Little Rissington in Gloucestershire. Racing in blistering temperatures of 30 degrees, the tyres were forever suffering as the rubber slid off.

Practice on the Saturday was going well and we showed good pace in the final sessions, despite having problems earlier in the day and realising that we were going to have to look after the tyres and brakes for the racing ahead of us the following day.

Sunday came upon us and all day we were having problems; The starter motor internally melted from the heat, which our mechanic (my dad) had to rush to get fixed, together with an  issue we were having from the sprocket teeth wearing, we also discovered that the pinion gear was badly worn on the clutch drum sprocket.

Qualifying 5th Heat: 1 5th  8th. I got tapped on the rear causing me to lose the rear end and almost spin.

Pre Final: 8th  7th.

Final: starting 8th, having a bad start set me back to 10th but after running my own racing put me up to 5th making my way through the pack, unfortunately not enough to catch the top 4 as they pulled away!
Overall was a good weekend and one we can put down to learning how to manage tyres and brakes in the heat, it was a challenge but most importantly we moved forward.
A big thank you to my mechanics who got me out on track as soon as possible and were faultless! Definitely couldn’t of done it without them! A big thank you to @LaserRacing for supporting me @cosmic_charity @owkayclothing @mphcustoms.tv