Cody Eustice: Daniel Ricciardo Series — Round 3

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Cody Eustice: Daniel Ricciardo Series — Round 3

Last weekend (August 29) saw me participate in the third round of the @danielricciardoseries at @claypigeonraceway with many ups and downs but overall a fantastic turnout for me and the team!

Cody Eustice competing in the Daniel Ricciardo series

Saturday already being on the back foot by missing out 3 of the 5 sessions available due to problems with the kart and then ending the day with blowing my engine up, we knew that we would have to put past all the problems and hold our heads up for the race day. We sorted out loaning an engine from @danielricciardoseries to get me out on track which was massively appreciated! Sunday came and prepping the kart making sure everything was right we were still having some mechanical problems which we soon got to the bottom of during the day.

Cody Eustice #DRS 

Qualifying - 10th

Heat 1 – Started 10th, finished 9th.

Pre final – Started 9th, finished 4th.

Cody Eustice #wearelasertoolsracing 

With the points gathered from my races I started the grid on 8th, having settled in the kart I was ready to get my head down after a tough weekend and bring some silverware home for the team!

After the start dropping back to 9th I brought it back to 3rd and after second having an engine problem promoted me to 2nd!

Cody Eustice makes the podium in the Daniel Ricciardo series round 3 

Thank you to @laser_tools_racing for always supporting me

Thank you to @foxyredphotography for the photos!