Cody Eustice competes in the Rye House Pro Kart Endurance Race

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Cody Eustice competes in the Rye House Pro Kart Endurance Race

Saturday was my second time at the Rye House Pro Kart 4-hour endurance and what a day it was!

On Friday night and Saturday morning it had been raining, so although we had a damp track to practice, the drying conditions meant we had to adapt for the race start when the track had dried compared to practice. Once practice was completed we went out onto a new layout for a one-lap qualifying which I have never experienced before. Already made a mistake — as I went out my tyres and brakes were cold so as soon as I came to the first hairpin I had no brakes — this made me go wide making my time a lot a slower than normal and a second off pace but I ended up qualifying 18th out of 32 other teams.

Cody Eustice

Off the race start, avoiding a crash put me down to 23rd, but fighting the pack I slowly moved my way up to 11th before ending my stint. I had to push hard as already being on the back foot with being down on power.

Overall my kart #68 ended up finishing 23rd with one of my team mates unfortunately getting a black flag. Well done to all my teammates and all the other @modernisedracing and @haase_uk chassis drivers!

A massive thank you to Laser Tools Racing for supporting me! 💙 And thank you to @deadeyemediauk for the photos!

Cody in his LTR race suit