British Sprint Championship — Anglesey Sprint Weekend

British Sprint Championship — Anglesey Sprint Weekend

John Loudon reports

Immediately before the Anglesey Sprint Weekend I had the car booked in at Daytuner Performance for first thing Thursday morning to get it mapped to run on methanol. We awoke to being surrounded in snow, which was a bit of a surprise.

John Loudon @ Daytuner


Once Damian at Daytuner had done his thing on the rolling road, we left with more power at the wheels than we arrived with and full of optimism for the weekend’s sprinting at Anglesey for the first rounds of the British Sprint Championship

British Sprint Championship — Anglesey Sprint Weekend

Saturday’s event took place on the shorter National circuit. The weather forecast was for overnight rain eventually drying around lunchtime on Saturday. Practice was wet so I decided to use traction control for the first time but it was more of a hindrance than a help as it cut the power too aggressively and slowed me down and so turned it off for the rest of the day. The track gradually dried and the times tumbled through the day eventually getting me a 7th place in one of the British Sprint run offs, 7th fastest overall and 2nd in my class with a trophy for my efforts.

In the pits

Sunday’s event was on the longer International circuit, which is not ideally suited to the smaller engine lower powered cars, but at least the track was dry to begin with. The car had mysteriously developed gear upshifting issues and despite several attempts with a laptop instead of a spanner to resolve it (always a concern), nothing seemed to help. Despite all of this I managed to come 11th in one of the run offs for some valuable points in the championship, where I now lie 11th overall after the first few rounds.

Start Line

The next rounds are at Blyton Park in May where I hope to have my gear change issues resolved and try to improve my position overall.