LTR Valve Core Removal Tool

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"Designed to remove and refit both Schrader and Presta type valve cores, this tool is a must when adding tyre sealant, fitting a Presta valve extender or replacing a valve core. Despite its small diameter, the knurled finish provides the grip needed to loosen and tighten the valve without requiring additional tools. Due to its compact size it would make for a great addition to any cyclists tool kit when out on a ride, especially when running a tubeless set up."

  • Easily removes valve cores so that sealant can be applied or to fit a valve extender.
    Works with Schrader or Presta type valves.
  • Knurled finish for improved grip.
  • Compact, making it ideal for mobile use & easy to store.
  • "Manufactured from aluminium with an anodised finish. Note: not all Presta type valves are removable."

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