LTR Bike Repair Stand

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Owning your own workshop stand is essential for any keen home mechanic. This fully adjustable, and strong stand allows for the bike to be set at a comfortable working height. The clamp fits 20mm - 55mm diameter tubes and seat posts, and can be rotated through 360°. It also includes a stabilising bar to hold the handlebars in place, to prevent them from turning when working on the front of the bike, and a magnetized organizer tray to keep tools and small parts to hand.

  • Fully adjustable bike maintenance stand including a stabilising bar to hold the handle bars in place.
  • Supplied with a magnetized tool organizer tray & telescopic arm for holding the handlebars in place.
  • Adjustable height: 110 - 182cm.
  • Load capacity: 30kg.
  • Foldable, making it ideal for mobile use & easy to store.

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