Laser Tools Racing Beanie Hat with Front/Rear Rechargeable Lights

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Laser Tools Racing Beanie Hat with built in Front and Rear rechargeable lights.  Includes a 300mAh Lithium battery. Ideal for cyclists, vehicle inspection, dog walking and household repairs.  Be easily spottable and support your favourite BTCC team.
  • Get behind your favourite BTCC team with the Laser Tools Racing Beanie Hat includes build in lights.
  • Complete with built in rechargeable lights at front and rear. Four LED bulbs on front and rear; White on front, Red on rear.
  • Switchable in 5 strengths: 100%, 50%, 25%, Strobe & Off.
  • Lamp dimensions: 65mm x 47mm. Maximum brightness: 75lm.
  • Working time approximately 1.5- 5 hours; charging time approximately 2.5 hours.
  • Battery: Lithium 300mAh 602030. CE and RoHS compliant.

Laser Tools Racing