LTR Internal Cable Routing Tool

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For use when having to guide new cables through an internally routed frame, this kit uses magnets to make light work of a task that can be both time-consuming and frustrating. It comes supplied with adaptors to fit inner gear & brake cables, Shimano Di2 wires (e-Tube cables), outer gear & brake housing, and hydraulic brake lines.

  • Internal cable routing tool kit, used for threading both inner gear & brake cables through the frame using magnets.
  • Magnets steer & drag the cable end through the frame and around tricky obstacles.
  • Also suitable for electronic wires, Shimano Di2 e-Tube cables, outer brake & gear cable housing & hydraulic brake hoses.
  • For use on aluminium, titanium, & carbon fibre frames.
  • Supplied in a storage case with an EVA foam tray.