LTR Bike Storage & Tune Up Stand

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"This adjustable bike stand holds onto the rear wheel fixings, supporting the bike in an upright position, providing a safe way to store or display a bicycle without having to lean it against anything else, as well as providing a simple and steady work stand. The rear wheel can be set so that it is raised off the ground, enabling the rear wheel to be rotated allowing the gears to be checked and adjusted, chain and drivetrain cleaned and the rear wheel inspected to see if it is running true. "

  • Multipurpose bicycle stand, suitable for both road & mountain bikes.
  • Fits 16 " - 29" wheels.
  • Lifts rear wheel to aid with cleaning & maintenance.
  • Foldable, making it ideal for mobile use & easy storage.
  • Manufactured from tubular steel. Note: not suitable for wheels that use a thru axle.

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