Lottie Taylor

Laser Tools Racing's Lottie Taylor

2021 Season Report

Lottie Taylor

2021 was a year of highs and lows for Lottie. She started her race season in March and this was her first year racing in the Big Wheel 85 class. It was always going to be a huge challenge as we moved up to this class a year early which meant most of her competition was a year older.  This decision was made by Lottie as she felt more comfortable on the bigger bike.

Lottie just focussed on the Kensworth Club Championship for this season as many races were still being affected by the pandemic. But we did some guest appearances at other events around the country. These events proved a great success as Lottie had some best ever performances. Stand out events include finishing 6th overall in a race of 40 at Frocester. 

Another awesome performance for 8th overall in another full gate at Grittenham. However the Kensworth Championship and luck wasn’t on her side. She was building momentum as the championship reached halfway and as we got to the Milton Malsor round in August Lottie was riding at a new level on the practice day. She was in a good place with her confidence, but in race one while pushing hard towards the front of the pack, she took a big tumble over one of the big jumps. This knocked her for six and it was an uphill struggle from then on, suffering a mechanical problem at another race, another first turn crash and a front wheel puncture. She did manage to salvage 12th in the championship but with a bit more luck this could have been so much better.

Lottie also took part in the UK Girls’ Nationals but the timing of this event meant she was struggling with confidence. She gave her all for 9th overall.

For 2022, Lottie is racing the same class and has gained a lot of experience so is more prepared to hit the ground running when racing starts. A huge thank you to Laser Tools for helping Lottie on her journey.

Lottie Taylor - sponsored motorcross rider