Laser Tools Racing Rally Team

The Laser Tools Racing Rally Team is currently contesting two consecutive championships: the Association of North East Midlands Motor Clubs (ANEMMC) and the East Midlands Association of Motor Clubs (EMAMC).

They have a combination of over 100 registered clubs with over 120 registered competitors contesting for the championships on a variety of surfaces throughout the season from the smooth tarmac of race circuits to the rough gravel roads in the North Yorkshire forests.

The Laser Tools Racing Rally Team consist of father and daughter driver and navigator Peter and Jemma Outram driving a 1980 Ford Escort Mk2. We have been together as a rally team for five years now with Jemma always wanting to navigate for me from a very young age. She will also be using the car to take her to the wedding venue to get married in 2022.

The car has been specifically upgraded to cope with the punishment of the rally stages having all the necessary safety equipment such as a roll cage, fire suppression system and full race seats and seat belts. The engine fitted to the car is a modern Ford 2.1 Duratec from a Focus ST fitted to a straight cut Cosworth gearbox and heavy duty rear axle. Plus a variety of wheels and tyres for each specific surface that we are competing on.


     Peter & Jemma Outram at Harold Palin Rally

Peter & Jemma Outram at the Harold Palin Memorial Rally Peter & Jemma Outram