Cody Eustice

Cody Eustice from Hertfordshire has been karting for four years. After a successful two years in the house championships at Rye House placing 2nd in 2017 and 1st in 2018,he then set his sights on owning his own kart and travelling around the UK.

He started as a novice in2019 in the Daniel Ricciardo series and bring home top rookie trophies in four races and won the Federation Cup. This year sees Cody as a non-novice and his mind is set on finishing near the top. Sadly the season has been cut down to four rounds instead of the planned 10 so he knows he has to stay focused and not make any mistakes.

15 year old Cody was diagnosed with ADHD and autism after falling ill as a baby. With the day to day struggles he faces, motorsport is his passion. It gives him the focus he needs and a level head. He tries to do what he can for the NHS that helped him and participates in the COSMIC5K walk and donated his pocket money in 2018 for every race he won. Cody is delighted to be part of the Laser Tools Racing stable.


01/05/2021 4-hour endurance RHPK - 22nd (overall)
09/06/2021 6-hour endurance BPEC - 12th
28/06/2021 Daniel Ricciardo Series -  3rd
07/07/2021 4 hour endurance RHPK - 23rd (overall)
18/07/2021 Daniel Ricciardo Series - 5th
07/08/2021 24hr Teeside Endurance - 22nd (overall) 9th in class
27/08/2021 Daniel Ricciardo Series - 2nd
03/10/2021 6-hour Endurance BPEC - 24th (overall) 9th in class
07/11/2021 6-hour endurance BPEC - 22nd (overall) 7th in class


Overall 2021 was a good season for us considering the events that happened and ready to put on a good show for the next season. Hope everyone has enjoyed their holidays!