Laser Tools Racing delighted to be sponsoring Jacob Ashcroft

Published on: 30/01/2018 11:00:00

Jacob is six years old and started karting when he was just five. He started competing last year and finished 14th out of 30 in a seven-round national championship with ages ranging from 5-8 year olds. www.bambinokartclub.co.uk

Jacob Ashcroft in his Kart
Jacob will compete in the Bambino Kart Club Champions 2018, starting in March over 10 rounds, including a trip to Belfast. Jacob has two more years competing in Bambino and in 2019 his hopes are to win the championship before moving into cadet racing.

Jacob competes with a Wright Centaur kart fitted with a 3.5 hp 60cc IAME M1 engine. www.Wrightkarts.co.uk

Jacob has been interested in motorsport from a very young age due to his daddy's obsession. The whole family loves the BTCC and Aiden Moffatt is his favourite driver; Jacob one day wants to follow in Aiden's footsteps and compete in the BTCC. When Jacob is old enough he would also like to compete in the Ginetta Junior Championship. Away from karting Jacob is very keen on aviation, in particular following the Red Arrows and hopes one day to design a new Vulcan bomber. Cycling and riding his scooter are another favourite pastime and of course watching all forms of motor sports either on TV or his iPad.

Jacob is supported in his karting by his mum and dad Louise and Barry who transport him all over the country so he can follow his dreams.

Jacob Ashcroft in his Kart

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